Swatantra Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.


About Us

Swatantra Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi based leading publishing company. It publishes books & e-books in Hindi, English, Urdu and other Indian languages in Devnagari and roman scripts. It participates in major book fairs in different parts of the country along with the prestigious New Delhi World Book Fair. It publishes the books written by the emerging new writers and poets as well as established well known authors. All the writers are happily associated with the publication as it provides one stop premium quality printing and distribution services for their books. The independent publishing group focuses on the literary field but also publishes books in other genres. There are three following imprints belong to Swatantra Prakashan Group : • Swatantra Prakashan • Freedom Publications • Swatantra Books Through it’s free book publication scheme (Nihshulk Pustak Prakashan Yajana), Swatantra Prakashan publishes one hundred selected manuscripts every year. The inspiration : Swatantra Prakashan has been envisioned by a writer turned publisher, Sushil Swatantra, who writes fictions and poems. Audio shows written by him have been broadcasted on various audio OTT platforms. His literary works have been published in the form of the collection of Hindi poetries and novels. Through the creation of the Asura Gatha Series, he appeared in the literary world with my best literary contribution. The first novel of this series ‘Trilokapati Ravana’ is in highly discussion these days in the literary circle. Translation of this novel into other Indian languages including Tamil and Gujarati is in progress. He is editor and publisher of a comprehensive directory of Hindi literature titled 'Hindi Sahityanama". Sushil has always been empathetic towards the concerns of writers and tries to give his best for every book published by Swatantra Prakashan. He was awarded with India Netbooks Sahitya Ratna Award -2023 for his contributions as a publisher. Please read the publication policy of the company for details.